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TopDrawer's features

  • Makes rapid random draws for knock-out competitions.

  • Works out prelims and byes instantly.

  • Displays and prints the draw, entry lists and where necessary balloted-out entrants.

  • Displays how many rounds there will be.

  • Uses named entrants or just numbers.

  • Checks entry lists for duplicates.

  • Checks entry lists for reversed pairs, e.g. Smith/Jones entered also as Jones/Smith.

  • 4 to 400 entrants (trial version 31).

  • Singles, Pairs, and 1-list* / 2-list** balloted Pairs
  • Accepts entrant  input via screen or text file lists.

  • 32 entrant and 64 entrant continuation draw ladders are available in pdf format.

  • *1-list balloted pairs
         -  a draw containing random pairs from a single list of entrants.
     ** 2-list balloted pairs
          -  a draw containing random pairs from two lists of entrants.
             for example Lady/Gent, Lead/Skip or in golf Pro/Am pairings.

TopDrawer Competition Draw and the design of the documents produced therby are the copyright of Matt Graham. The trial version of the software may be used and distributed freely. Matt Graham August 2010.