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Make competition draws in minutes.


TopDrawer Competition Draw -  handles draws with up to 400 entrants
TopDrawer makes random competition draws from entrant names entered as lists from files or directly from the keyboard. Up to 400 entrants per competition may be submitted to the draw and TopDrawer will produce the preliminary and first round draws on screen and as a print-out.
TopDrawer can be used in many sports such as Lawn and Indoor Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Rugby football and Soccer. Any knock-out competition that has up to 400 entrants can be drawn using TopDrawer.
TopDrawer can make draws for singles, nominated pairs and balloted pairs. Balloted pairs can be from a single or two lists allowing SKIPS to be paired with LEADS in bowls or PRO's to be paired with AM's in golf.
Making the draw for club competitions is a task we have to do only a few times per season which makes it all the more difficult. Often we have to do it quickly after the entry list has closed and before the competition starts. There may be six or more competitions to be drawn. It also needs someone with experience and knowhow to oversee the process.
TopDrawer overcomes the problems. Entry lists can be built up over the time the entry sheets are open and on the day of the draw you simply use the lists as input to TopDrawer, enter the club and competition name, click a button and in seconds the preliminary and first round draws appear on the screen, ready to print. Below you can see a view of the TopDrawer Setup window showing the inputs.
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