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Building a new draw
Starting from a previous draw

Building a new draw. 

  • Open TopDrawer to display the TopDrawer draw setup window.

  • Click File, New, New Draw. When asked, click OK to clear any previous draw or save a previous draw first if required.

  • Enter the ORGANISATION NAME and COMPETITION NAME. (you can save the organisation name as default if you wish)

  • Choose the type of competition, Singles, Nominated Pairs or One/Two List Balloted Pairs.

  • If using Numbers rather than names, merely click on Numbers and enter the number of competitors in the box just below "Numbers". This will produce a draw consisting only of the numbers of the competitors, e.g. 34 v 12. Some users prefer this method and to work from a numbered list of names to create the draw.

  • If using competitors Names click the Names option and you have two ways of entering entrant names.

    1. On Screen: Click the Add button. An input box will open allowing you to enter the first name. Press your Enter (Carriage return) key twice and the name will be entered and the input box will re-appear for entering the next name. Repeat this process until you have entered all the names.

    TopDrawer will check for exact duplicates as you enter names. A message will pop up to alert you to a duplicate entry. TopDrawer also checks for reversed Pairs and when identified will let you delete the false entry.

    Note: For Nominated pairs enter both of the pair's names in the same line but for Balloted pairs enter each competitor's name as a separate line, just as for Singles. For Two List balloted Pairs you have two lists to enter.

    2. From Text File: (Recommended method)

  • A list of entrants may be imported from a <.txt> file.
  • The file is created in any word processing package as a simple list of competitors names, one entry per line, and should be saved as <Competition name.txt>. The file can be built up over time while the competition entry sheets are displayed and completed after the entry sheets are closed.

  • A facility to open Microsoft NotePad is available on the tools menu.

  • Import the list by clicking File, New, Import List from Text File. When asked, click OK to clear any previous draw or save a previous draw first if required. (Sample files are included in the installation - you may wish to try them at this point)

  • Select the required text list from the appropriate file location, double click on it or click Open. The file will be imported and the names will appear in the Names list ready to be drawn or edited within TopDrawer. Note that any exact duplicate names in the text file will be screened out and not included in the imported list.
    In the case of two-list balloted pairs there will be, of course, two lists to import. The names from the first list will appear as the first name in the balloted pair.

  • At this stage it is prudent to save the draw to preserve the input list. To save the draw click File, Save As and save the draw using a location and filename of your choice.
    You may also Print the entered list once you have completed the entry process. This is useful if a check against the original entry sheets is required. The entered list will be printed to your default printer as a numbered list.

  • Having saved the entrant list you make the draw by clicking the Make Draw button. After a few seconds the TopDrawer Viewer and Printer window will appear with the draw.
    The draw is available in Side-by-Side and One-above-Other format. Side-by-Side is best for larger numbers of entrants.
    The list(s) of entrants and a list of Balloted-Out entrants is also available to view and print.
  • Save the draw.

  • Choose the format of draw you wish to print. Side by Side is more suitable for large numbers of entrants as it makes the physical length of the draw printout much shorter. One above Other best suits smaller competitions with 64 or less entrants.

  • You may now print the draw as displayed. TopDrawer allows the user to select the target printer. Click the Printer icon on the screen you are viewing to start the printing process.

  • It is possible to export the draw to a PDF file or to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet if you wish to restyle the printed version.

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  • A draw may be saved as indicated above. This allows draws to be set up in advance with all the data ready for the draw to be made.

  • Open a saved draw by clicking File, Open a previous draw and selecting the draw.
    (Sample draws are included in the installation - you may wish to try them at this point)

  • Select the required draw (<.tdd> file) from the appropriate file location and click Open. The draw will be imported and will appear in the TopDrawer Viewer and Printer window. The draw can be printed but not modified in this window.

  • If you wish to redraw Click Close, Close draw viewer and return to draw setup. The original entry list(s) and other draw data will be available for editing, but note that the draw must be remade to return to the TopDrawer Viewer and Printer.


  • Select the tab you wish to view/print then Click the Print button on the TopDrawer Viewer and Printer window.



TopDrawer Competition Draw and the design of the documents produced therby are the copyright of Matt Graham. The trial version of the software may be used and distributed freely. Matt Graham August 2010.